Jus By Julie Review

Hi loves!

So a few days ago I posted that I was going to try the Jus by Julie cleanse, I did and want to talk about it.  image1

I started my 3 day cleanse on Saturday (7/9) and I officially ended it yesterday.  I have to say I am rather impressed.  Going in I really thought I was going to be starving the entire time, getting headaches and all the things you hear people talk about when they try a cleanse.  Well, I experienced none of that actually.  I was completely full and satisfied after each drink.  Some may know this but I am a vegan.  Not sure if its just because I really love veggies or what but I thought the drinks tasted amazing! I would actually crave my next juice each day.  I read some reviews where some people said one of the drinks was “too green” for their taste but I didn’t feel that way at all.  Each drink is numbered 1-6 (you drink 6 a day) and I drank them about every 3 hours or when I started to feel hungry again.  My husband did not do this cleanse so by the end of the day when he was eating dinner in front of me, I did get an urge to “chew” something.  Its funny, in the information they give you they do mention that if you feel the urge to “chew” then you can eat 2 cups of raw or steamed veggies.  So I did eat a corn on the cobb.  This was not because I was hungry (I really wasn’t at all actually) I just really was craving the corn to chew on, I know it sounds odd but I don’t know how else to explain it haha.


Day 1: felt great all day, loved the taste of all the juices, the #4 I drank was the PB and J and it was divine! (strawberry, bananna, all natural PB and rice milk) One of my faves.  I also really enjoyed the spicy pomegranate. And I did eat an ear of corn.

Day 2: still feeling great, going to the rest room a lot since my bladder is so full but feel way less bloated already after just 1 day.  They say to drink LOTS of water to stary hydrated so I have been drinking around 75oz or so a day.  I didn’t really notice a difference in my energy level, enjoyed each flavor drink this day as well.  Also ate another ear of corn for dinner

Day 3: last day.  At this point I was actually looking forward to getting up and having my first drink of the day.  I didn’t think I had it in me to really go that long without “eating” solid foods but I was feeling great the entire time and never once felt like I was depriving myself of anything.  I did have some cauliflower and raw Kale to get my “chew” fix LOL.

Overall: I would totally do this cleanse again.  I loved that it was so easy, everything is numbered for you, pre-made etc.  All I had to do was drink them across the entire day which was never an issue.  It was nice that they had a few different flavors that they mixed into each day.  The #1 juice and #6 were always the same and the others rotated.   My bloating has gone down so much.  I feel like I hold a lot of my stress in my stomach and I feel bloated often, I felt like that had gone down considerably.  I did take some before and after pics for my own record and you can definitely see a difference from day 1 until this morning when I took the final picture.

Price:  They seem to have promos running all the time.  When I purchased my cleanse it was $30 off, free shipping and 12 free booster shots.  This all came to $120.  That is a decent amount of money to spend on juice but I think its much more reasonable then others I have seen.  They have coupon codes all the time, I just looked on their site and they have the same promo running that I got with promo code JUICENOW.

Ordering: It was a breeze.  You pick a date you want the cleanse to be delivered.  I chose Friday (since I knew I wanted to start it over the weekend) and it arrived when they said it would.  Since the juices are fresh they are perishable.  So they send them frozen and packaged up in such a great way to assure they will not go bad on their way to you.  I was really impressed.


A close up so you can see what the ingredients are.  This one was so tasty !

**All of these are my own opinions and Jus by Julie has not sponsored this post.

I will be highly recommending this cleanse to anyone looking to try one.  Comment below if you have tried this and what your thoughts were or if you do end up trying it let me know!









Jus by Julie

Hi all!

Soo happy its finally Friday! Even though we had off on Monday this week just couldn’t go by fast enough. I am prepping all weekend long to get ready for our trip next weekend!! Its finally here, I cannot believe how quick that came up on us.  So in preparation for this trip, aside from the usual gel mani/pedi, lash extensions etc., I am doing a juice cleanse this weekend!

I came across Jus by Julie while doing some research and they were having a sale on their 3 day cleanse so I decided “what better time then right before my trip to try this!”  I am very excited to start the cleanse tomorrow.  I just thought I would talk a little bit about what I am expecting from this as well as what they say they are offering and then I will do a follow up post next week on if I liked it/didn’t like it and if I lost any weight etc.

So this is a 3 day juice cleanse.  That’s right, no solid food for 3 full days, bring it on!  They had a promotion where you can get the 3 day cleanse plus 12 booster shots for free AND $30 off AND free shipping.  It came to $120 which I thought was rather reasonable for 3 full days of “food” also with the hopes of shedding some weight.  They give you 18 juices total and you are supposed to drink 6 a day.  They say to drink them about every 3 hours or when you are starting to feel hungry.  They come labeled so you know which one to drink 1st, 2nd etc. on each day.  They also said the juices will last in the freezer up to 2 weeks if you decide to not start the cleanse immediately.  I thought doing it over the weekend would be so much easier then trying to bring 4/5 juices with me to work.  So I just have to bring them with me on Monday since I will start tomorrow.

I read a lot of reviews (most were very positive) which intrigued me even more to try this out.  A lot reviews said they were surprisingly not hungry during it, they had a lot of energy and dropped a few pounds.  My hope is that I will be able to lose a couple of pounds, de-bloat a little and just overall detox myself.  After last weekend (4th of July) I feel like a detox is a good thing lol.

Jus by Julie has promos a lot on their site, the 3 day cleanse + 12 free booster shots and $30 off + free shipping (that I just purchased) is still going on with promo code JUICENOW.  If you get their emails they send you promotions as well which is nice if you choose to do it again and do not want to pay full price.

I am excited for the follow up next week, so to be continued…

Any one out there try this cleanse?? Thoughts on it, love it? hate it? results? Would love to hear!



Transitioning to Vegan/Plant Based Diet

So over the past few years I have really been becoming more conscious of what I consume.  Over 3 and a half years ago I decided to cut meat out of my diet completely, I haven’t missed it all.  I know that initial transition can be harder for some, but for me it was rather easy.  I was never a huge carnivore so once I put my mind to it I was able to cut meat out with no problem.  I did still eat seafood on occasion.  I think I kept the seafood in my diet more for the fact of making things easy.  When you go to most restaurants there is usually always some sort of seafood to order or if you go to eat at someones home and they know you do not eat meat but eat seafood then it makes it easier for them to prepare a meal you can eat.  Also, my husband is not on the same path as me food wise and still loves his meat, which is fine, to each their own, so eating seafood made it easier for us to have meals together too.

I finally made the push this past week to stop making excuses and start my journey towards a plant based diet.  Right now I have been cutting out all dairy, eggs, and of course seafood.  I think most people get scared when they hear the word Vegan and think, “Jeez, what do they eat, just fruits and veggies?!”  Well that is partially true but I think that the way society has become and the way everything has been made to be ‘on the go’ and ‘for convenience’ a lot of people have lost the desire for the healthy foods.  I made this wonderful Soba noodle meal last night that even my carnivore eating husband enjoyed.

What pushed me in this direction you may ask? Well, I have watched and read about the food industry.  It is sad how the norm is now soda and chemically ridden foods in almost every american home.  Most people do not think twice when having a soda with their meal, just the way the giant corporations that control our food intake want it to be.  If you take the time to do your research you will be alarmed to see how many chemicals are in the foods that most Americans keep stocked in their homes.  If you are interested in learning more I can recommend a few really eye opening documentaries that really helped me kick start my journey.  Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy, Food Matters, Fed Up, and Food, Inc. are just some of the documentaries out there trying to spread the word.  I have talked about this topic with a lot of people and I know that not everyone sees things the same way, and that is totally fine.  I am not trying to push this onto anyone or make them change their views overnight.  I am doing this for those who are curious and want to do their own research before making such a life changing decision.  As I said before, my husband still eats meat and I do not see him making a switch immediately either.

With all that said I want to share the Soba noodle recipe I made last night as well as some of the vegan/plant based foodies I follow who help out soo much when it comes to making this change!

Displaying IMG_4969.JPG

You can find this Soba noodle recipe here!

Some of my go to sites for finding healthy vegan/plant based foods are: Kris Carr, Food Matters, Rawfully Organic, and of course you can’t go wrong with Pinterest or even just google if you are looking for a specific recipe to try.

So with starting this transition I plan to eventually become completely plant based.  The main difference with Vegan and Plant based diets is that technically with a Vegan diet you can still eat Oreos (ya, not dairy like you may have thought..just all chemicals-yuk!) but when you are eating completely Plant based you cut out processed foods and eat a whole foods diet.  It is something that takes a lot of work and time but I do have high hopes of making this a permanent transition.  I currently do not eat any big name brands and I have lost any desire for most of those foods just from not consuming them for so many years. I hope that sharing this helps and I would love feedback from others who are making the same journey!

Any tips you can share for going vegan/plant based??