Dirt Candy Vegan friendly restaurant in NYC

Hi loves!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I got the chance to try out a place that I have had on my ‘must eat at’ list for a while.  It is a vegetarian restaurant in NYC called Dirt Candy.  If you are vegan you know how refreshing it is to eat at a place that caters to you and doesn’t look at you like you have a third eye LOL.  We sat at the ‘Chefs Table’ which was a counter spot that surrounded the kitchen area so you could watch the cooks at work while you ate.  When we sat down the first thing they asked was if either of us were vegan, they then told us the entire menu (with the exception of 2 items) can be made vegan.  We decided to split everything so we opted to get everything made vegan.

We started out with 2 yummy drinks, a Celery Rickey which was a gin drink and a Poolside Breeze which was a Cucumber prosecco drink, both were amazing.

Displaying IMG_5462.JPGDisplaying IMG_5462.JPGDisplaying IMG_5462.JPGDC 1

DC 3

Our view from our seats of the kitchen, very fun to watch.

DC 2

We were told by our waiter that the dishes are smaller so they recommend we choose 2-3 each.  We also saw so many things we wanted to try so we figured we would check out a few different options.  We decided to start with the grilled onion salad and the curry fries that I have pictured below:

DC 4

both were great.  The curry on the fries had some kick to it but not over powering, just right.  The grilled onion salad was different with its fermented black bean dressing and was really tasty as well.

We then had the Kale Matzo ball soup.  It was Kale matzo balls with okra and sprouts and then a delicious broth on the side for you to pour over it.  Such a stunning presentation too.DC 5

We then had these really delicious grilled carrot sliders made with a carrot bread.  They put a nice thick slice of carrot on it too and they had a shaved salad with a sesame oil sauce on it.  The entire dish really complimented each other, this was one of my top favorites.

DC 6

We then forgot to take a few pictures of the next couple courses because we were just too excited to dive in I guess haha, we also got a Cauliflower curry that was GORGEOUS they used white and purple cauliflower with a clear broth over it served with a papaya chutney, it was prettier then it was tasty but non the less still good.

On to my all time favorite dish of the night, Broccoli dog.  This consisted of a large stemmed grilled and smoked piece of broccoli put in a homemade vegan bun topped with broccoli kraut and mustard bbq sauce.  They come with 2 on a plate and we dove in right away so I didn’t get the best picture but luckily remembered before it was too late! haha

DC 7

We also opted to split a dessert (hey, why not!) and I also forgot to get a picture of that.  It was a vegan cheesecake roll with a celery ice cream and 2 candied grapes (I must find out how to make the candied grapes because they were out of this world good!)

I would highly recommend checking out Dirt Candy, it was such a fun experience.  My husband (who is one of the biggest carnivores around) actually really enjoyed the meal.  He said if all vegetarian/vegan places were like Dirt Candy he would eat there all the time hahah.

What fun things did you get to do this past weekend?!


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