Bun curls!

Hi dolls! Happy hump day! I love that we are half way through the week, feels like it should be Friday, but hey I’ll take it!

So I am always looking for new hairstyles that are quick and easy ones.  I have been using this one super easy method for quick (no heat) curls and thought I would share.  My hair is long enough to do this but I would think even with your hair a bit shorter it would be doable if you used bobby pins to keep the buns in place.  I LOVE easy hair styles because I never seem to have time in the morning to do anything to labor intensive LOL.

I took some pics of one of my favorite, ever so easy, hair styles.  The bun curl. I wash my hair at night, blow dry it, then put it up on a twisted bun on top of my head (right after I finish drying it) and go to bed.  You can leave your hair slightly damp but if you leave it wet it will not dry fast enough overnight so you would probably have to put a blow dryer to it in the morning for a bit.  You simply just put your hair up like you would if you were putting it into a high ponytail, and then just twist the hair and then turn that twist into a bun.  When I wake up I take the bun down, pull apart the curls a bit, tease my hair a little and add some hair spray.  Just like that I achieve these curls:


I love how its a messy/beachy look so you don’t need to fuss with it too much.  I did the one in my pictures with just one large bun but I have also in the past done a few different smaller twisted buns around my head to achieve a tighter, curlier look which was super cute as well.

Do  you have a quick hair style that’s your go to?


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