Thrive Online Market


I discovered Thrive Online Market about 5 months ago.  This amazing website caters to those of us who love organic and natural products but may not be able to always afford those options.  Thrive is an online market that sells all those amazing brands that I love, Seventh Generations, Mrs. Meyers etc. that are always pretty pricey in our own grocery store, for 25-50% off retail.  I placed my first order a couple of months ago and I was so pleased with everything from the delivery and packaging to the customer service.  I got 20 items all different brands for $58.00 plus free shipping.  They not only gave me free shipping but I also got $10 off for referring friends, $15 off for having a membership and receiving their emails, oh and did I mention I received the membership for free for the first 30 days?! This site is really trying hard to cater to their customers and it shows.

Not only do they have cleaning products and beauty products all in our favorite natural brands but they also have tons of food! I love Amy’s soups and at my Stop & Shop they are about $3-$3.75 a can and I got an amazing deal 2 cans for $4.45! I focused this purchase mainly on cleaning products but I did also get an awesome all natural sunflower seed butter as well as farro, both of which I have been loving!

I have really been working at changing my lifestyle by cutting out chemicals where I can so I figured why not start with the products I use all over my apartment.  I am so happy with all the cleaning products I purchased from them, and yes I started cleaning the second I opened the package from pure excitement!

My next purchase is going to be focused more on ingredients needed in vegan dishes.  I cannot find arrow root, tapioca flour or nutritional yeast in my super market so I plan on buying all those items that are hard for me to get.  I also love this face wash, Bull Dog, it is advertised as a men’s wash but I got it in one of my glam bags and fell in love.  It doesn’t dry out my skin and contains no parabens, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, or ingredients from animal sources.  I looked at so many stores in my area as well as in NYC and wasn’t able to find it.  I was so shocked to see that Thrive carried this face wash and for half the price that it retails for, I am almost out so will be stocking up on this as well!

Not only does Thrive have these amazing all natural products for discounted prices they are very socially responsible and give back to the community which is a huge thing for me.  They give a free membership to a low-income family for every membership that is purchased.

I highly suggest checking out this great site and keeping it in mind next time you are looking to purchase any organic brands!

You can check them out here

xo L

Kate Spade Surprise Sale!

I love surprises and I also love a good sale!  Kate Spade has amazing deals going on right now! I just love their bags.  If the usual price point of $300+ doesn’t work for you then maybe you can snag a deal during this sale!  The prices right now are so affordable, it is the only time I will ever really purchase a Kate Spade bag.  All sales are final but the beauty of buying accessories is one size fits all!

Here is a link to the sale which lasts for 2 days: Kate Spade Sale

Here are some of my fave deals:

Originally $478 on sale for $169!! You can find it here

I just love big tote bags.  As a commuter it is rather essential to have a big bag with you on your long journey to and from work.  I love being able to fit a book, my ipad, phone, headphones, wallet, keys and any thing I may be working on.  This bag is amazing and I really love the color!

This gem was originally $398 on sale for $149!

I adore this as an everyday bag.  It is a perfect size to fit your essentials and has a cross body strap.  I have found that the last few purses I have purchased all have cross body straps and I feel like I would be lost without them.  Makes tasks so much easier when your arms and hands are free from holding your bag.

I love this one, originally $275 now $89!

You always need a good small cross body for when you go out and only need money, cards, phone and some lipstick.  This also comes in black but I love this ‘red plum’ color.  I usually wear  a lot of black when I go out so this pop of color I think would be a nice addition.

This is just so fun. I usually stick with basic color bags but this color pops and I love the style too. Originally $328 now $129! You can get it here

I just love this color and style.  It is pretty versatile and will go with anything from jeans to a cute dress.  I also realized that I lack a variety of colors in my accessories.  I usually go the safe route of black or neutrals but this bag is calling out to me!

I hope you get a chance to get over to this sale and shop!!

What are your fave items??


My latest go to

I have recently converted over to a person who does not wash their hair every day. I know, some people think that is completely gross, my husband being one of them.  I never thought I would be that person, my hair has always been such a greasy mess.  I envied my friends who could go days without washing their hair and it would still look perfect on day 4.

I have always read that not washing your hair daily is healthier because of the natural oils that your hair creates in between the washes.  Well, I could wash my hair at night and by mid-day the following day it would start to look greasy and stringy.  So I would wash it every day.

I have learned that you can totally train your hair and by doing so it doesn’t get greasy nearly as fast.  I now go 3-4 days without washing it and it ends up feeling fuller and so manageable for cute braids (which I love!).  I looked high and low for a good dry shampoo to make this possible for me and tried so many without feeling satisfied.  I bought some of the most expensive ones thinking that they would do the trick but they never did.  I finally started using Not Your Mother’s, Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.  It is seriously life changing!

Being a brunette I always found that most dry shampoos left a filmy white residue on my hair but this does not.  My hair does get greasy in between washes (not nearly as bad as it used to though) and my go to, in between these washes, is Clean Freak.  Not only is this a product that works amazingly well but you can’t beat the price.  Depending where you buy it, you can get it for around $5-6!  The can is pretty big too and even with how often I use it, it lasts me a while.

Here are some pictures I took with my hair on day 3 of not being washed.


Displaying Dry Shampoo Infographic.png has a fun step by step on how to apply dry shampoo and asked it I would mind sharing it with my readers.  This can be helpful for those of you that may not have tried it yet!  You can check out their review and find other great dry shampoos to try here.

I would love to hear what products you guys use!

What were your favorite dry shampoos and least favorite ones?


My Unplanned Girls Night Out




Do you ever have those nights where you plan on going home and getting comfy and relaxing and you end up going out on the town instead?!  Well that was my Friday night.  I met my girlfriend for dinner at one of our fave little NYC gems, Zest.  She used to live in the city but moved back to Buffalo so whenever she is in town I have to see her and it usually involves us going to Zest for dinner.  Zest is this tiny little sushi place that has an AMAZING happy hour deal.  Tuesday – Friday 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm and Saturday-Sunday 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm they offer a menu where everything is $3.50, including Sake and Wine.  They also offer veggie sushi so now that I am Vegan I was still able to eat there! It is a place I recommend if you like sushi and good deals, the sushi is pretty awesome for the price.

Some of our other friends met us at dinner and started talking about what they were doing at night.  Before you know it they convinced me to spend the night and hit up some fun spots with them.  Normally I hate doing this last minute since I am never prepared with something to wear, contact case, face wash etc.!  But I have always lived by the motto “You only live once” (even before Drake termed it YOLO).   Plus my friend had outfits for me to choose from so it worked out perfect.  Those nights sometimes end up being the best nights, we had a ton of fun!  We ended up going out around Nolita and went to a place that played great music and had a fun atmosphere.  We had these really fun Emoji masks that we ended up bringing out with us and taking pictures with, this was definitely after a few drinks lol.  I got to capture a few pictures from the night so I thought I was share them.

What did you do this weekend?


Ipsy Glam Bag Mascara update

So I got to try the Hello Lashes mascara by It Cosmetics this morning.  I made sure that my lashes were completely clean this time.  I am not sure I like it as much as I thought I would.  It seems to get rather clumpy on the lashes and does not separate them as much as I would like.  I took these picture to show an example of how they came out.  They do not look awful but not sure it is a product that I would go out and purchase now.  I feel in pictures they do not look as bad because they do add volume and length but up close they look messy.

sampling the It Cosmetics Mascara


Sorry, kinda blurry-was on the train trying to take it with my iPhone

Have any of you ever tried this mascara? If so, what are your thoughts on it?