My Unplanned Girls Night Out




Do you ever have those nights where you plan on going home and getting comfy and relaxing and you end up going out on the town instead?!  Well that was my Friday night.  I met my girlfriend for dinner at one of our fave little NYC gems, Zest.  She used to live in the city but moved back to Buffalo so whenever she is in town I have to see her and it usually involves us going to Zest for dinner.  Zest is this tiny little sushi place that has an AMAZING happy hour deal.  Tuesday – Friday 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm and Saturday-Sunday 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm they offer a menu where everything is $3.50, including Sake and Wine.  They also offer veggie sushi so now that I am Vegan I was still able to eat there! It is a place I recommend if you like sushi and good deals, the sushi is pretty awesome for the price.

Some of our other friends met us at dinner and started talking about what they were doing at night.  Before you know it they convinced me to spend the night and hit up some fun spots with them.  Normally I hate doing this last minute since I am never prepared with something to wear, contact case, face wash etc.!  But I have always lived by the motto “You only live once” (even before Drake termed it YOLO).   Plus my friend had outfits for me to choose from so it worked out perfect.  Those nights sometimes end up being the best nights, we had a ton of fun!  We ended up going out around Nolita and went to a place that played great music and had a fun atmosphere.  We had these really fun Emoji masks that we ended up bringing out with us and taking pictures with, this was definitely after a few drinks lol.  I got to capture a few pictures from the night so I thought I was share them.

What did you do this weekend?