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I have recently converted over to a person who does not wash their hair every day. I know, some people think that is completely gross, my husband being one of them.  I never thought I would be that person, my hair has always been such a greasy mess.  I envied my friends who could go days without washing their hair and it would still look perfect on day 4.

I have always read that not washing your hair daily is healthier because of the natural oils that your hair creates in between the washes.  Well, I could wash my hair at night and by mid-day the following day it would start to look greasy and stringy.  So I would wash it every day.

I have learned that you can totally train your hair and by doing so it doesn’t get greasy nearly as fast.  I now go 3-4 days without washing it and it ends up feeling fuller and so manageable for cute braids (which I love!).  I looked high and low for a good dry shampoo to make this possible for me and tried so many without feeling satisfied.  I bought some of the most expensive ones thinking that they would do the trick but they never did.  I finally started using Not Your Mother’s, Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.  It is seriously life changing!

Being a brunette I always found that most dry shampoos left a filmy white residue on my hair but this does not.  My hair does get greasy in between washes (not nearly as bad as it used to though) and my go to, in between these washes, is Clean Freak.  Not only is this a product that works amazingly well but you can’t beat the price.  Depending where you buy it, you can get it for around $5-6!  The can is pretty big too and even with how often I use it, it lasts me a while.

Here are some pictures I took with my hair on day 3 of not being washed.


Displaying Dry Shampoo Infographic.png has a fun step by step on how to apply dry shampoo and asked it I would mind sharing it with my readers.  This can be helpful for those of you that may not have tried it yet!  You can check out their review and find other great dry shampoos to try here.

I would love to hear what products you guys use!

What were your favorite dry shampoos and least favorite ones?