Honeymoon in the Dominican Republic!

Starting out with the honeymoon sign on our door!

Starting out with the honeymoon sign on our door!


Dreams La Romana!

Dreams La Romana!




Ready for dinner!

Ready for dinner!



dinner on the beach!


view from our room


They let Tom drive the catamaran!


The water was so perfect! I never wanted to leave that beach!


We got breakfast delivered one morning!


So the past few months have been extremely hectic to say the least.  I am so excited to finally share some photos and talk about our honeymoon experience!

We went to La Romana in the Dominican Republic.  When doing my research, I read a lot of reviews that the beaches along the south coast (the Caribbean sea side) were the superior beaches on the Island.  Then when looking at it further I kept reading about how amazing the beaches in La Romana were.  We are so happy with the Dreams resort we ended up going to in La Romana, all inclusive is where its at!

Tom and I went on a couple of excursion and met people from other resorts and a lot were from Punta Cana.  We kept hearing people talk about how awful their beach was and how it was rocky and they closed it  a few times because of the seaweed.  We really lucked out, our beach could not have been more perfect.  Clear water, no rocks, smooth sand…just heaven!

One day we took a catamaran to an island off the coast , that was a ton of fun.  We had a BBQ style lunch on the island and got to swim later in a natural swimming pool off the coast of the island, which is where we got to hold the star fish.  The other excursion we did was snorkeling, so fun! It was a first for the both of us and I was very nervous.  I do not have many fears in life but for some reason the ocean has always been one of them.  We did get an underwater camera to take pictures of the sharks and sting ray! We still need to get that developed.

This vacation was exactly what we needed.  Nothing but relaxing by the pool or on the beach, eating whenever we wanted and unlimited drinks.  We love adventurous vacations but after a couple years of not being able to take a vacation we opted to go the more relaxing route and we are so happy we did!

P.S. when going to the DR, I recommend trying some of their native drink, Mama juana…you will not be disappointed! 🙂


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