It’s been too long!

Oh the joys of the holidays! I am always so crazy busy right before the holidays that I haven’t had a chance to post on my blog.  How have you guys been? I am such a slacker and STILL need to buy Christmas gifts! (Ahh) it’s going to be so insane shopping this weekend but it needs to happen. 

As some of you know from my past posts I have made the switch to being a vegan and also just being more conscious of what I put into and on my body. 

I loveee fresh juices and try to incorporate them into my day as much as I can. Here is the yummy dark green juice I bought in the city this morning: 

It has kale, broccoli, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley and lemon

I follow this amazing woman, Kris Carr, who posts great videos and juice recipes. I just bought her book a few weeks back and I am hooked!! Go to her site here to check out some fun juice and plant based recipes 

Do you juice? If so, share some of your favorite recipes! (I love trying new ones!)