TGIF loves!! I hope everyone had a great week! I am soo happy it is almost the weekend!

I am so happy to finally be able to post about this great product I have been using.  I wanted to wait a good 6 weeks before blogging about it to see how it really worked before talking in depth about it.  I am so in love with Grandlash-MD!

It is kind of a funny story on how I heard about this great product.  I was at the dentist for a cleaning and my lady dentist was sitting over me talking away as she has my mouth stuffed with all these things.  I just kept gazing at her lashes, trying to see if they were extensions because they looked amazing!  The second she made me rinse and I could finally talk again, I asked her what she does to her lashes.  She told me she had been using Grandelash for a few months and this was her result.  I was floored.  I mean, ya she had on mascara, but just a nice swipe on each eye which gave it such a natural look.  I was instantly on the hunt to read up on this product after seeing her lashes LOL.

So upon my research I found that Amazon sells this product for a bit cheaper then the offical site.  BUT from the reviews I have read and even on Grandelashes official website, it says that beware buying on Amazon since some sellers sell “boot leg” versions of this serum that do not work.  So with the price on the official website being super affordable to begin with(especially compared to Latisse) I figured why chance getting a fake one to save a few bucks?!  So I ordered direct from the company website which I highly recommend you do if you are interested in trying it.

So this product comes in a mascara looking tube that I have pictured below.  The applicator looks just like a liquid eye liner brush and all you do is swipe each lash line with this before going to bed.  They say within 4-6 weeks you begin to see results and even offer a 90 day money back guarantee.  The formula is not harsh and it is made up of a blend of vitamins, peptides, amino acids, plus conditioning ingredients.  I am in week 6 and have been seeing great results so far!!  I read reviews were some women said they had burning or bad reactions to it (not sure if this was due to them buying one of the “fake” ones from Amazon or not) but I have had ZERO irritation.  Everyone’s skin is different when it comes to sensitivity but I figured for the price, even if it hurts my eyes after trying it, it wouldn’t be a huge loss.  The other thing I love is there are no chances of it changing your eye color, like Latisse can (which the thought of the just scares me!).


Ready for the best part?!  The 3 month supply (shown above) is only $64.95!  I was so shocked when I saw how cheap it is.  I mean that is a little over $20 a month for a product that really does help grow your lashes.  When I purchased it they even had a promo going on which took $10 off my total.  I know the bottle looks small for a 3 month supply but all I do is dip it in once and the swipe one eye and then rotate the applicator and swipe the other eye.  Very little product is needed at each use.  I also have noticed my lower lashes getting longer and I think that when you put it on at night and close your eyes the serum gets to the lower lashes as well.  They also promote this to be used on your brows, if you have problem spots.

I have been taking pictures along the way and wanted to share my result thus far with you guys!


Top image is at the start and the bottom is after 2 weeks (no mascara in either pic)


week 3 at the top and week 4 on the bottom (no mascara in either pic)


Hubby and I–this is me wearing mascara week 4


Week 6 with mascara 

Displaying IMG_5909.JPGDisplaying IMG_5909.JPGI know that my lashes were kinda long when I began and the pictures I took along the way are not really that great in being able to depict a hug difference.  I certainly see a big difference though.  Before, when I didn’t wear mascara, my eye lashes wouldn’t stand out at all.  Now, after 6 weeks of using Grandelash with no mascara I feel like my lashes still look great and then you add mascara and its a huge difference!

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Have any of you ever tried Grandelash? like it/love it/hate it?



*this post is not sponsored by Grandelash.  All of these opinions are my own and based off of using the product over a period of time.

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