Holiday gift idea #1

I just love the holidays and gift giving!  This time of year is so much fun but can also be a bit stressful with all the gift buying.  I thought I would feature some of my favorite places to buy gifts for the holidays!

The first place I just have to feature is LUSH.  I am sure most of you have already tried or heard of LUSH, if not I highly recommend you google the closest location to you.  LUSH is a company founded in the UK that has fresh, handmade cosmetics, not tested on animals and made with love by a person whos name and face make it on a sticker to vouch that the product was made with love and care by them.  You name it they have it.  From shampoos to face masks and all the in between.  My personal faves are their bath bombs (I am such a sucker for a nice relaxing bath!).  I also love their massage bars, face masks, shampoo..okay I basically love the entire product line LOL.

They also are a company with strong beliefs which I just cant get enough of.  They fight against animal testing, advocate for the environment and people in need.  They started an organization called Charity Pot that has donated over 3 million dollars to over 850 grassroots charities in over 45 countries.  I just love to give my money to companies that really care for our environment, society and animals.  I recommend reading more about them on their site.

So here is the lovely LUSH site

You can order online as well.  The reason why I said google the closest location to you is just because the stores themselves are an awesome experience, and the heavenly.

They not only have great products that you can pick individually from to make up a gift but they have AMAZING gift boxes, filled with lots of different goodies and decorated so pretty.


Comfort And Joy

Joy To The World


Winter Wonderland

Here are some images of what some of the gift boxes and their contents look like.  The other thing that makes LUSH so amazing is that they make their gift boxes at all different price points.  You can talk to one of the employees and tell them what price you want to stay in and a little a bout the person you are buying for and they will help you find the perfect present.

Do you love LUSH? If so which is your favorite product??


9 thoughts on “Holiday gift idea #1

  1. We love Lush’s “Big” shampoo. It’s made with sea salt and smells like Jasmine. The salt feels so wonderful on your scalp. I buy it for my husband but my daughters can’t stay away from it. My daughter loves their facial scrub called “Angels on Bare Skin”. Charity Pot is super cool!


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