Eyelash Extensions

One of my favorite things to get done are my lash extensions!  It is such a fun experience and they look amazing.  I love them for a few reason:

First, they stay on for a while if you take care of them.  I usually can have mine look amazing for 4-5 weeks, great into the 6 week mark and then still not to shabby around the 7-8 week mark.  You are supposed to go every 2-3 weeks to get them “filled” since your lashes begin to grow out so they go in and remove ones and replace them, basically they do a touch up.  I usually get them for special occasions (I did for my wedding and again for my Honeymoon) and then just take care of them for 7 weeks and I usually do not get the fills done.  I may take a different approach with this set that I just got on.  With all the holidays coming up I feel like I want to keep them on for longer than I normally do. We shall see.

Second, you look great all. the. time.  I just feel like the one thing on a woman that can make her look done up and put together is her lashes.  I just love that even without makeup on I still feel pretty, I know that sounds weird but its true LOL.

Third, they are way more convenient then strip lashes.  Don’t get me wrong I love strip lashes and have worn them a number of times.  They are nice because they are not permanent and can be taken off in between wearing them.  You can also wear dramatic ones when going out and then not wake up the next day still needing to keep them on while running to pick up groceries in your pajamas LOL.  I guess the con to the lash extensions is they are “permanent” in the sense that you cannot change the look as you can with the strip lashes.  You can add liner and mascara and I have before added strip lashes when i am looking for a dramatic look and it did not ruin my extensions.  Overall I do feel lash extensions are better but can also see why others opt to just do strip lashes.

Lastly, NO MASCARA! I mean you can of course wear mascara on them if you like, this will tend to mess with them a little and their longevity.  Some places you go to say to never put mascara on them but I have many times before.  I don’t know about you guys but my mascara was the longest part of my make up routine haha.  I can cut down getting ready by like 10-15 minutes in the morning which I will take!

I went with the Mink C curl lashes with a cat eye shape and I also opted for the thicker lashes.  I did lengths 12, 13, and 14 to get this look and I only did 90 per eye.  For a more dramatic look you should do 110 or more (depending on the place you go they may only offer up to 110 per eye).  I know that back home it is so hard to find places that do lash extensions and when you find a person or place that does them they are rather pricey.  Here in NYC you can go to hundreds of places to get this done so I feel like because of that, the pricing is more reasonable since they all compete with each other.  There is also this amazing site/app in NYC called LifeBooker…if you live here and have never heard of it, please check it out!  They have amazing deals that are all beauty related (hair, nails, lashes, laser hair removal etc..).  I usually go on their site and find a good deal for lashes and that is how I have tried so many different places.  The ones I got yesterday came to $70 (including tax and tip!) pretty awesome price for a new set.

So here are my lashes.  I took one before picture and a couple after pictures to try and compare.



Before with no mascara (sorry its so blurry!)


with lashes and NO mascara


with lashes


with lashes

Have you tried lash extensions before? Are you a fan or them?


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