Who doesn’t love a good wedding?!

I just love weddings. Nothing is more special then the love that two people have for each other.  I get so excited to see how each couple decides to celebrate.  I have been to and been a bridesmaid in a number of weddings and each one is always so different and unique.  Being married just a year this past August, I really grew to appreciate the entire wedding processes since I have been through it all myself.  The wedding I attended this past weekend was for a childhood friend.  She looked absolutely STUNNING.  Her dress was just so perfect for her frame, she looked like a princess.  The band was wonderful, decor was so pretty.  I think her dream day turned out just as she planned.

I was not in this wedding but decided to wear a long dress since it was a black tie optional wedding.  I actually got this dress last year to wear as my bridesmaid dress in my best friend Lauren’s wedding.  Lauren let us all pick out our own long grey (any shade of grey) dress and it worked out soo well!  I loved the dress so much that I figured I might as well get one more use out of it.  It is so flattering and comfortable.  I was getting compliments all night on it.  I cannot remember the designer but I got it at Lord & Taylor and it wasn’t that expensive.  Here are the only pictures I got from the night (I can be so bad at remembering to take pictures!).


                                                     The beautiful Bride, Adria, and I



                                        My hot date, Thomas love.

So this is definitely one of my favorite outfits that I have ever worn to a wedding.  What is your favorite outfit you have worn to a wedding or special event?


Until next time.


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