Cleveland is the reason..

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This was our first weekend home in forever so I finally got to do some things around the apartment and get in some much needed rest.  On Valentines weekend we flew to Cleveland to visit my sister!  Cleveland is seriously such a fun city.  It was mine and Tom’s first real time getting to explore and see a lot of the city and we both loved it!  One of the many highlights of the weekend was of course checking out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  If you ever visit Cleveland I highly recommend checking out the R&R Hall of Fame. Its huge so you need to set aside a few hours to really go through and read and see all the cool things.  They have everything from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix to The Rolling Stones, Beyonce and a million more in between. I mean they really cover every genre of music over the years, it was a very cool place to see.  I got the chance to take some fun pictures so I thought I would share them.


My jet setting outfit.  Found this long green sweater and it was soo comfy for traveling! I have been obsessed with it lately! (Sorry its blurry)



Fun night out at a Piano Bar!





I am pointing out to Tom a Beyonce outfit I want haha



Sister Love


16 thoughts on “Cleveland is the reason..

  1. Thanks for sharing Lauren!!! You look great! I miss Cleveland so much! My boys love that city as well !! Good ole John Carrol days!! Your parents and john and I have so many memories of being together in Cleveland!! Thanks again Lauren!!

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  2. I really love the photo set from your trip to the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame. Right out of high school my friend’s dad took the two of us on a trip to Cleveland to see it. It was not snowing during my trip, though I wish it was, yet it was still very cold. We spent a lot of time just hanging out inside because we are from Florida and, at that point in my life, we had no idea how to deal with cold weather.

    The hall of fame itself was a hugely popular museum full of trinkets that I had seen on stage and in music videos. I’m a huge lover of music so I was thrilled to see outfits worn by, and guitars played by, Jimmy Hendrix and The Clash and other artists. It was a great time.

    I hope that you had a great time too!



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